In order to have a clear picture of Affiliate program, we need to understand the term Affiliate well. Affiliate is partner and it is actually this concept of partnership that drives the Affiliate market in the mammoth world of internet marketing.

The mother business wants huge traffic in its site and thus delegates the responsibility of people visiting their site to their affiliates who in turn are paid for their endeavor each time a person visits the company’s website.

Orthodox methods like search engine optimization, e mail marketing, misspelling etc are randomly used along with less heard of methods like getting product or service review of partners published. Traffic is usually directed from one website to other and there are dedicated affiliate websites that render service by using pay per click, directories, or may be coupon and rebate concept.

The market is actually inundated with affiliate marketing programs today but how to choose the best out of the rest? As an affiliate I’d be expending time, money and my hard work to promote and advertise the company I’m working for and naturally would want to make the most out of it in terms of financial gains. A few points thus need to be considered seriously before kick starting some affiliate program.

Firstly the business should be running for quiet some time and any company that comes into life overnight have very fair chances of dying a natural death in a jiffy, leaving you behind licking your fingers. Secondly you should always monitor who are your competitor affiliates and if you find super affiliates running the show, you can drop your guard and plunge headlong. Check the popularity of a site before promoting it. If it’s a hot cake you are the lucky one and if it’s rarely visited for its uninteresting content, better leave it alone for good. is a site that provides ranking to sites according to traffic and understanding the public pulse as to what is hot and happening is imperative in making a prudent choice.

Companies offering multi tier commission are worth giving consideration but however alluring the offers might seem to be it’s always good to read review of earlier affiliates before embarking suddenly and repenting later. Apart from these, factors usually considered trivial like the support departments promptness, update status of statistical reports, minimum commission payment could actually give clear signal as to how credible the business is. So the next time you see statistical reports that do not update even after clicking think twice before registering because after all “prevention is better then cure”.