Today I am going to give you a contrast in between billboard outside advertising and ppc internet search engine marketing (Pay Per Click marketing). When we are through you will have a much better understanding of both and will have the ability to make an educated choice about ways to finest spend your advertising dollars.

Lets Compare the Advantages and disadvantages

Cost Each month Contrast

Outside Marketing – Typical expense is around $750 a month. Packages normally vary in cost from $400- $4000 each month. Average financial investment for 3 months of billboard marketing is $2250.00/ Yearly Expense – $9000/ Month-to-month Cost – $750.

Pay Per Click Marketing – Typical one time established cost, $975 and includes first month optimization and management. Establish plans vary in price from $600-$1400. Approximated regular monthly management cost is $285 per month there after. Average month-to-month ad invested to spend for “expense per click” $250. Overall investment for 3 months of PPC marketing equates to $2295.00/ Annual Cost – $7110/ Monthly Expense $595.

The figures above were pulled from marketer’s sites. Costs will differ per city and per campaign. Depending upon who you understand, you might get a discount rate for each. Bottom line, the expense of marketing with Pay Per Click will save you on average virtually $2000 a year or $155 a month.

Efficient Reach of Advertising

Outside Marketing – Billboards will share your message with actually countless individuals daily. You advertisement is constantly revealing, it runs 24/7. Signboards do not target specific consumers but rather push your message out to the masses. Outdoor Advertising is restricted to customers that travel through a certain part of town or pass you on the Interstate.

Ppc Marketing – With Pay Per Click you are in control of where when customers see your advertisement. Clients seeing your pay per click ad are trying to find exactly exactly what you sell and they are “Prepared” to purchase your items and services. You only pay for clicks bringing targeted visitors and online search engine marketing gets more economical to operate the longer it runs. With Pay Per Click you target customers where they life and on what they utilize the most for details; their mobile phone and computer.


Outside Marketing – Always on, countless impressions daily and targets specific roadway or interstate you do business on. With new digital boards you have the capability of changing ads daily for certain promos or a wide range of product and services. Outdoor advertising is likewise an outstanding option for branding your business name in the neighborhood. You can commit your marketing efforts short term or long term.

Ppc Marketing – You manage the time, days and places your Advertisements appear. Notification I stated Advertisements, plural! Leave it on all the time or run it only on the weekend. Run it only in Nashville or in every household and on every mobile phone in Tennessee. Write as many ads as you wish to promote any service or product. Advertise to clients at the precise time they are seeking to purchase exactly what you have to provide. Although you can run PPC for a short time it is best matched for businesses that have long term goals and commitment. Internet search engine marketing is less costly and conserves you money. Last however certainly not least, you can precisely track conversions and return on investment with PPC Marketing.


Outdoor Advertising – Small location of focus and no chance to properly track results or ROI.

Pay Per Click Marketing – Takes correct management for best results and requires an enhanced website.

As you can see, both of these advertising methods are effective for promoting your small business. Now that you know how each one works and how much it will cost you, make an informed decision as to which instructions is best fit for your business.