10 clues that your partner is hiding something from you.

We all have secrets, some of us know how to hide them, but some others don’t know. However, there are some signs which are difficult to conceal. Those signs tell you about whether your partner is hiding something or not; thus, in this article, we are going to see some of them.

1- Different voice pitch.

Psychologists say that a different voice pitch or tone can tell that someone is hiding something from you. This is tangible since we notice that a lot in our daily conversations and even in ourselves; your partner’s voice pitch can go up or down, depending on the person, and it’s a clear sign that they are concealing something.

2- Eye contact.

This is not a very clear sign, but it basically means that your partner is keeping some of his thoughts in the darkness and don’t want to share them with you. However, you should be careful not to wrongly judge them because it may just be a bad mood.

3- General questions and darting eyes.

People with shifting looks and ambiguous answers are more likely to be liars. In fact, it is psychologically proven that honest people look directly into your eyes from time to time, and it depends on the level of shyness they have. People often give you general answers to direct questions, which means they are hiding something, and they don’t want to reveal it.

4- They are restless and nervous with you alone.

When there is no one but you two, your partner will seem so disturbed and anxious. This is a sign that there’s something wrong, or basically, there is something hidden. Don’t rush into any negative conclusions unless you are sure or you’ve got some clues and hints; otherwise, you will create a problem.

5- Shifting attention.

This is a manipulation technique that people use when they are hiding something; they will draw attention to other people or things to cover themselves and not get caught.

6- Body language.

One of the best signs or techniques to know that someone is hiding something or nervous about something is their body language. Psychologists say that the body language of a normal person it’s way different than an anxious one. The same for honesty. An honest person has a distinct body language than the one who’s concealing something.

7- Deadpan facial expression.

A person who hides something will always pretend to be emotionless and careless. In fact, poker face shows this person doesn’t want to tell you something, so they act like They are not lying.

8- They will blame you.

If a person hides something, they will be so anxious about getting caught, so they will just blame you for slight mistakes as if you’ve done something serious and make you feel guilty and bad about your relationship.

9- Sorry about a lot of work.

Your partner’s new excuse will be work like never before. They will stay late at work just to avoid facing you. However, the fact of having extra work might be real, so you need to be careful about your judgment.

10- They will keep an eye on their phone.

Receiving calls and messages at eccentric times is doubtful, especially when your partner gets aggressive when you ask about them. This is a clear hint and sign that your partner is hiding something.

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